Forget about mid life crisis.
The quarter life crisis is the real thing and  I seem to be having it since the last year and a half, if not more.

The quarter life crisis it's a period of change, somewhere in your mid twenties, when you have a bit of a flap over where your life is at, where it's going and wtf are you going to do within the next years.
You feel disconnected from life and insicure about what steps to take next. You aren't sure what comes next, everything seems so overwhelming and pressure begins to hit you if you think at all the things you are supposed to do by 30. CRISIS.

Yesterday I turned 26. At this age my parents had already 2 kids and a house. CRISIS.
Our lives as a twenty something in this day and age is changing from the way our parents experienced it and I don't know if any other generation realises this. I feel like the majority of us is flitting between minimum wage jobs, trying to travel and having babies and a house. What a crazy roller co…

Violet makeup look

As we are already half way through spring season, I thought it was about time to do a makeup which involved some colour in it, just to spice things up! My MERMAID MAKEUP LOOK was definetely my most colourful look ever, but of course a little dramatic to wear on a day to day basis.  The look I'm posting today involves colour in a more subtle and wearable way, which feels more comfortable to wear, even during the day if you fancy. I really hope you guys like it, let me know in the comments :)  Kisses, Antonia.

PRIMER - Guerlain L'Or radiance makeup base
FOUNDATION - Catrice HD Liquid Coverage in 020 Beige rose mixed with Diorskin nude glow complexion enhancer in 001
CONCELEAR - Catrice Liquid camouflage concelear in 010 porcellain POWDER - Clinique glow crazy loose powder in 01 blooming pinkDISCONTINUED (just slightly dusted all over my face to give the skin a healthy glow)
CONTOURING&BRONZER - MAC Pro sculpting cream in pure sculpture + ASTRA bronze skin powder in…

My top 5 spring lip products

Hello beautiful people! It's been a while since my last post..and I'm sorry for being absent for that long.  Here I am again!  Today I'm coming with a short post that hopefully will give you some inspiration if you are looking for some perfect spring colours which are funny enough for this season but not too daring. These 5 lip products are my go-to products nowadays because they are playful (especially the glossy formulas) and they have just the right amount of colour needed for this warmer season in order for me to feel comfortable. I don't usually choose very bright colours because I don't think they suit me, but these ones are what I feel appropriate for me and my makeup style. I usually wear them with a very natural and dewy complexion, with just mascara and highlighter to illuminate the skin, but of course they can easily be worn with more intense makeup looks.

The YSL gloss is very hydrating, pigmented and long lasting because it has a stain formula, whic…

ZEIN Herbal Tea - Review

Hello lovelies!  Today I'm going to write something I would never thought to review on this blog, simply because I never believed in all those "miracle" teas that claim to make you lose pounds and pounds just by drinking it. Because that's not reality.
A month ago I got in touch with ZEIN, a romanian brand which sells this natural herbal tea which claims to regulate metabolism, reduce appetite and detoxify your body. They kindly sent me a package of their tea in order to try it and see what I think about it. 
First of all the tea comes in a 100gr package and in loose form: you simply have to let it in infusion for 5 minutes in boiling water.  It is a complete natural tea which contains chamomile flowers, fenel seed, viola flowers, rose and balm petals and rhubarb leaves. Smell and taste are really pleasant and subtle. I usually had a cup in the morning and one in the evening, as indicated on the instructions, before the meal. I must admit I wasn't very consisten…

Mermaid makeup look

Hello my lovelies!  Today I decided to come to your rescue and bring you away from this gloomy and grey weather to more colored and playful meanders.  Although I usually tend to opt for neutral and simple colours, today I felt I was in desperate need of colour and since I think that unicorns are waaay too hyped by now, why not give some credit to the magical and etheral inhabitants of the sea? Mermaids! I played with colours and this is the look I end up with. I  focused on blending really well the colours in order to not have harsh lines and I must say I really enjoy how the look turned out.  Sometimes I feel the need to step out of my comfort zone and dare with colours I would usually discard.  P.S.: The fish tail doesn't show in the picture but I have it on, I swear :D

PRODUCTS I'VE USED: Foundation - Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation in 1C1 cool bone
Eyebrows - Essence superlast 24h waterproof pencil in nr.10 + Essence Make me Brow gel mascara in nr.01
Contour - D&G T…

9 Lies that beauty industry is telling you

Hello gorgeous people!  Today I wanted to write about something that not only bothers me, but something I've been a "victim" of for a long long time before starting to do my own research and educate myself. I'm talking about some of the lies that beauty industry constantly tells us. It’s no secret that most cosmetic companies rely on a combination of hope and blatant exploitation of other women’s insecurities to sell their products. Here I just summarized the most frequent ones.
1) YOU CAN AGE REWIND Unless you drink some kind of magical potion, you can't age rewind. Let's face it.  Collagen loss, swollenness, fine lines are just part of the natural aging process to which we are all subjected. We can't stop it by using serums, creams and other miracle products. Of course a good skincare and makeup can help, but will not make you go from 50 to 20. The only real things you can do to slow down the aging process and make it more acceptable are exercising, eat…

CATRICE HD Liquid Coverage foundation+concelear REVIEW

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Today I decided to review two products I've been testing for the last month or so and which have been hyped so much on the blogosphere. I'm talking about the CATRICE Hd Liquid Coverage foundation and the Liquid Camouflage high coverage concelear.

Everyone was talking about the foundation in particular but when I saw that they had a concelear as well, I decided to try them both. First of all they are drugstore products, therefore they are really affordable. I bought both products in store and paid 8€ for the foundation and 3,50 or 4€ for the concelear. I tried to capture how the products looked on my skin and hopefully you can see how they show in pictures.
Everyone on the internet was raving about this foundation, claiming that it had a very natural finish and a good durability. Let's see my thoughts on it. 
Comes in a glass bottle with a pipette (which I find really simple to use and perfect for dosing the product). …